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Time to sip some Award Winning Moonshine

We did not originally plan on producing a Corn Whiskey.

Since our King Tide Vodka was to be made from corn, making a Corn Whiskey, Moonshine if you will, was easy. This doesn't mean we didn't put the same care in distilling as we do in our vodka. It still had to be just right. People requested something drinkable, that didn't have to be mixed (but could be). Brigid requested an 80 proof spirit, as she finds the 100 proof and above to be too harsh. So, we did. A sweet, sippin' whiskey was created. Then we had to come up with a name. As locals know, Saint Helena Island has a long history of corn whiskey. To honor this history, we dubbed our spirit Saint Helena 'Shine.

We have concentrated a lot on our other spirits, sending them off to competitions all over the US. This year, the Heartland Whiskey Competition was introduced to us.

"The Heartland Whiskey Competition is a biennial, blind-tasting judging event that is sanctioned and supervised by the American Craft Spirits Association. The competition is sponsored by the promotion arms of participating state corn associations."

We decided this was just the fit for our Saint Helena 'Shine, a spirit we have not yet sent out for judging. And we were right.

We were awarded Bronze in the Corn Whiskey category, and were the only South Carolina Spirit to receive an award.

If you haven't already, it's time for you to try it for your self! Pick up a bottle of Rotten Little Bastard's Award Winning Moonshine at RLB, your local South Carolina liquor store, and our online store.

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