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Bravest Bull - A Bartenders choice

The Bartender Spirits Awards is an international competition and one of the few where all of the judges are restaurant owners, buyers and bartenders. They actually use the spirits they are judging and rate them "Each spirit brand is reviewed on the basis of mixability; balance and versatility; taste, mouthfeel, and finish. Once the blind tasting is done, spirits are further rated by price and package. Top bartenders within the industry review all blind tasting samples, ensuring that every entrant receives unbiased consideration by top influencers within the industry."

RLB has sent our spirits before, and won awards, so we had reason to be hopeful that our newest spirit, Bravest Bull, would also do well. Bravest Bull, a 120 proof American Whiskey made of 1/3 malted barley, 2/3 raw barley, with fresh grated ginger infused in it, is a collaboration with the popular Beaufort gastropub, Old Bull Tavern. When I sent it in, I wasn't sure how to classify it. Obviously, it is American Whiskey. The addition of the natural ginger makes it technically a 'flavored' whiskey. However, it is not sweetened like the majority of other flavored whiskey. And, at 120 proof, is significantly higher in proof than standard flavored spirits. It was decided that it would be judged in the Flavored Whiskey category, and so we hoped for the best.

And we DID IT! Our Bravest Bull American Whiskey with Ginger was awarded BRONZE! We are delighted to share this win with the Old Bull Tavern team. Thanks to Oscar for coming to us with the idea of a ginger whiskey, the patience of the RLB staff in peeling and cutting the ginger, and the staff and bartenders at OBT for playing with new cocktails to feature on the bar. This spirit demonstrates the true nature of Beaufort, showing off our talents and teamwork. Thank you!

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