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November Mixology Fun for the Holiday!

We all know the rush from October to January can leave us a bit frazzled. I never seem ready for all the things. Well, with these mixology classes, I will have cocktails batched a ready to go for anything from Friends-giving to a relaxing family dinner night.

We have 2 mixology events set for November. On November 3rd, we will have our Mixology with Lorri. She will go over how to make tasty holiday cocktails that can easily be batched for your family and friend get-togethers. Then, On November 4th, Lorri will hold a Cheese Pairing class. Upgrade your charcuterie board with these sweet and savory cheese and cracker pairings, along with RLB spirit cocktails. Just what you need to ready for the hectic season. Register today on our Events page!

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