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Who is the Rotten Little Bastard?

That would be co-owner and Distiller, Brian. When he was a kid in Henderson, Nevada, he was generally in some sort of trouble. As the 3rd of 5 kids to a single mom, he often kept her at her wits end. She would get a call from school or get a look from one of his siblings, and she would ask in exasperation, "What have you been up to, you rotten little bastard?" It could be bringing a sidewinder snake to school or duct tapping his younger sister to the wall. Whatever it was, it was generally followed by his smirk and interesting rationale. The term became one of endearment as he grew up. When we started talking about starting a Distillery, his sister Grace said, "Well, there is only one thing you can name it.". And we agreed.

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