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2022 ADI International Spirits Competition

ADI, the American Distilling Institute, holds a tasting competition each year. This is RLB's first year entering, and we went in with our King Tide Vodka, Spanish Moss Gin, and Boundary Street Rum. After waiting patiently (or marking off each day on the calendar - Brigid isn't exactly known for being patient) the results are in! We got the email:

Congratulations to Rotten Little Bastard Distillery on earning the following awards at the 2022 ADI International Spirits Competition:

• Silver Medal – Distilled Spirit: King Tide Vodka

• Silver Medal – Distilled Spirit: Spanish Moss Gin

• Bronze Medal – Distilled Spirit: Boundary Street Rum

WOW!! The spirits we entered all received Medals and we are so proud. We put a lot of hard work into each batch, each bottle of our Spirits and it is so great that they (and us) are being recognized. Small, craft grain to glass distilleries are not easy to run but we enjoy it and hope that comes through with every pour.

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