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Another Awesome Award for our Coosa Cut Bourbon

Have you tried our Award Winning Coosa Cut Bourbon?

We weren't planning to enter any competitions this year. Almost all of our spirits have been sent in to various competitions and have all received awards.

And then, on a whim, we decided to send our Coosa Cut 93 Proof, 3 1/2 year aged Bourbon in to the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. This is one of the most sought after competitions. All the big brands enter. We think our bourbon is pretty good, so lets see how it stacks up. They had over 5500 entries, about 500 were Bourbon and our tiny, grain-to glass craft distillery bourbon took a


So, to all of you who know we make good liquor, thank you for your support. And, to anyone who hasn't wanted to try it because it's too young, this is your gentle nudge to give it a try.

And just wait to see how it stacks up in a few more years!

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