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Holiday 2 Ingredient Cocktails

Here are two super simple and fun recipes for your holidays

King Tide Vodka Peppermint Martini

You will need to pour out some of the vodka to make room for the peppermints. Have your sippin' glass ready.

  • Dissolve 20-25 peppermint balls in a bottle of King Tide Vodka (can use candy canes)

  • Shake (carefully)

  • Garnish with tiny candy canes

    • 1 serving: Dissolve 1 peppermint ball in 2.5 oz King Tide Vodka

Some people love to make complicated cocktails. The more ingredients, the more complimentary flavors, the better.
Brian and Brigid are not those people.
So, Lorri, one of our amazing Brand Ambassadors, volunteered to make some simple recipes for those of us who want fun and festive drinks but don't have the time (or patience - looking at Brigid) to make them.

Saint Helena 'Shine Caramel whiskey

This one takes a few days to sit in the fridge, so plan ahead.

You will need to pour out some of the 'shine to make room for the caramels. You can use your other bottle of 'shine that is almost finished, put the caramels in it, then pour the new 'shine over it.

  • Add 15-20 caramels to a jar of Saint Helena 'Shine

  • Shake. Shake whenever you open the fridge to help the caramels dissolve.

  • Good on its own, with some whipped cream, or in your coffee.

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