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Happy Earth Day!

Updated: Apr 17

At RLB, we strive to prioritize sustainability in our practices. You are likely aware of our use of local grains, organic molasses, and the repurposing of spent mash at Whippoorwill Farms for the pigs. Within our Tasting Room, we ensure recycling of items like cans and bottles, and our drink cups are crafted from compostable materials. Our commitment extends to reusing barrels for other spirits, such as our American Whiskey, selling them (the coffee beans from Urban Brew rested in our used Aged Rum barrel are AMAZING) , or getting creative with them (have you seen Brian's chair made from a barrel?)

Customers are encouraged to repurpose our bottles for home décor, and we love receiving pictures of the imaginative uses. If you've transformed one of our bottles into something fun, please share a picture or tag us on FB&IG.

While we may not achieve everything, we are dedicated to doing our part. Every day is Earth Day!

Your support means the world to us!

Juniper the cat on the Chair made from barrels
Juniper the cat on the Chair made from barrels

square bottle with wick in it and one with parrot design painted on it
Bottles being reused for decor

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