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Gluten- Free Spirits

Updated: Jan 23

A question we are often asked is "Are your spirits Gluten-Free?" Our answer is always "Yes, they are."

Our Moonshine & Vodka are made from corn, which is naturally Gluten-Free, and our Rum is made from sugar cane.. But even our Bourbon, made from corn, barley and rye, is Gluten-Free, as is our American Whiskey made from barley. That is because the "TTB continues to permit the term “gluten-free” on labels and in advertisements for alcohol beverages produced without gluten-containing grains or other ingredients containing gluten, provided the industry member takes appropriate measures to ensure that its raw materials, ingredients, production facilities, storage materials, and finished products were not subject to cross-contact with gluten." (TTB Ruling October 13, 2020Number: 2020-2) Our bottling area is separate from the grains, so contamination is very unlikely.

There is a trend now from some manufactures to label their spirits Gluten-Free. While this is true, it does not mean that liquor without that label has gluten. Any additives must be written on the label.

But you never have to worry about your spirits from Rotten Little Bastard Distillery.

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